Want a true one-stop solution? Get the right solution whether in the bush, desert or metropole! CAMA ColourCoding® offers clear choices and gives you clear values


Kept simple, the Grey Package fulfill your most basic needs for a place to stay. This solution is especially suited for projects with high staff turnover.

Highest possible standards at an affordable price. Our Yellow Package provide what any worker can expect and more.

"Feeling right at home…", is what most of our guest spontaneously reply when asked how they liked the room offered. Our Green packages includes all amenities needed for a long stay.


Our Services

Design & Construction

A Goal without a Plan – is just a wish
Don't' leave it to chance – leave it to us


Hospitality is about people
The true value of our work lays in operating your solution


Good food is comfort for the soul
Serving a nutritious meal with great variation and respect for cultural moors create the basis for a hard day's work.


And that is not even half of it
Here you see all the other services included or available on demand